Isn’t it time to measure?


You can manage only what you can measure

The thought is timely — and it is time to measure the extent and consequences of what is, in effect, a ‘global experiment’ that humankind has been conducting since the origin of the industrial age. The powering up of progressively greater engines, power plants, and sources of combustion and pollution now generate annually billions of tons of emissions being pumped into the atmosphere — a narrow atmosphere that astronauts on the International Space Station point at as “razor thin.”

Isn't_it_time we measure You_can_manage_only_what_you_can_measure

Update: December 19, 2014 / The initial round of data from the new OCO satellite will be available to the public on December 30th and a full set of CO2 data will likely be available in March for scientists and public to download and explore.

Earth Science from Space, a first-generation venture of Earth Right Now from NASA / NEX — The US space agency is requesting and challenging you to get involved!


NASA NEX Challenge

New Ways to Use, Visualize, and Analyze OpenNEX Climate and Earth Science Data

July 1, 2014

NASA is seeking creative new ways to utilize the Climate and Earth Science

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OCO2_Image_Dec19, from earlyNov2014_NASA

December 2014

Historic Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite Sends Back Most Detailed CO2 View Ever  DiscoveryWeather / Nature

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OCO spacecraft